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Hotels in Kuching have always been a bit bland. We had the Holiday Inn - which now has been re-branded Grand Magherita by the owner; Hilton Hotel - quite standard until its recent makeover; Merdeka Plaza, etc. Lucky for locals and visitors, there have been a wave of new hotel projects in town - and we are beginning to see some interesting developments. The Basaga Holiday Residences is one of the new generation of boutique hotels offering accommodation with more character then the run-of-the-mill hotel.

Basaga is located right in the heart of the city, along one of the major roads - Jalan Tabuan. However, due to the size of the property and its secluded location, once you enter the site it is possible to imagine you are much further away. It has a nice resort vibe to it.

The main reception building is converted from an old turn 0f the century Colonial mansion. The lobby, a nice terrace cafe and some private dining rooms including a wine room are located on the ground floor. On the upper floor are the mainhouse rooms. Most of the rooms are located in a separate 2-storey block which used to be a school barrack, as the property was once converted into a school.

The driveway from a busy main road.

The main reception building.

Nice terrace cafe.

The accommodation block where most of the rooms are located.

It even has a large swimming pool. This place provides true simple luxury in an excellent location.

Overall Basaga is one of the most well-conceived boutique hotels in Kuching. The rates are so reasonable, you will not be doing yourself a favour if you don't give it a try. Here's a web link to get more details - Basaga Holiday Residences.


Wow very charming indeed!
Anonymous said…
trying to contact to book direct with hotel - can you provide email contact?
john said…
basaga website is back, sorry for the inconvenience.
iwancmn said…
I've booked a room at Basaga but my friend didn't seem to know how to get there although she's living in Kuching. Can you help me?
john said…
basaga holiday residences is located at jalan tabuan and just next to chong ling park.opposite westwood.
Our contact no. 417069, pls call if you have problem finding the place.
iwancmn said…
Thanks so much! I told her this and she recognized it at first thought. Nice pics with great angles. I use the reception building pic as my desktop wallpaper :D
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