Eating in Kuching - Freemasons Dinner

The Freemasons used to be a secret society and all its members and proceedings were kept in strict secrecy. Nowadays it is more of a gentleman's club, but still members don't go around trumpeting their affiliation. People still wonder what goes on behind the closed doors of a Freemasons' Lodge, but many of the activities - mostly centred on charitable work, are quite public.

I recently attended a Freemasons Installation Dinner which was catered by Mr. Ho's Fine Foods Kuching. It was a very grand affair held at the Sarawak Freemasons' Lodge at Jalan Kumpang - an unassuming building which most people would not have noticed if not for the mysterious square and compass symbols on the porch.

The table setting.

Dinner started with an appetizer platter which was placed on the table to share. There was cheese, quail eggs, smoked ham, pate, dates, cherry tomatoes, olives, prawns and grapes. Quite a nice selection, all delicious.

First course was a green salad with smoked duck. I've always liked Mr. Ho's balsamic vinegar and onion dressing, and this was as expected.

The salad was followed by a prawn dumpling soup. Very nicely done - plump and juicy dumplings in a delicious broth. The taste was clean and fresh.

Main course was an Australian Black Angus Ribeye - medium rare. Most steaks outside a restaurant are dry and disappointing, but this one was done just right. My only complaint was that it was a bit cold.

The guest next to me was a vegetarian, and Mr. Ho did a vegetarian pasta for him. It looking quite appetizing.

Dessert was a champagne jelly with grapes - a light and refreshing finish to quite a heavy meal.


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