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On my previous trip, I missed Pandan Beach which is one of the 2 popular beaches at Lundu - a small town about 1 1/2 hour drive from Kuching. Pandan Beach is just 2 km further down from Siar Beach - about 10 km from Lundu Town. To me it is the most beautiful stretch of beach in Sarawak. The sea is blue, the sand fine and white, and what makes Pandan Beach really special are the rocky outcrops which dot the beach at several places. From these spots - you could almost imagine you are not in Sarawak anymore. The ambiance feels more like some dream island location far far away.

The beautiful Pandan Beach.

The rocky bits called Pandan Batu. The views here are spectacular.

Some lucky local residents have their homes built right on the rocks.

Due to its secluded location, Pandan Beach is still relatively unspoilt. I hope it stays that way.


Its really beautiful. During my last trip to Kuching (which was quite a while back), went to checkout Sematan - really pretty too.
Borneoboy said…
Yes. The Lundu area is one of the most beautiful in Sarawak.
TahanCing said…
If you think Lundu area is gorgeous, you haven't seen Teluk Melano and the Tanjung Datu area!That's star-calss beaches!!Check it out!(quite difficult to get there tho')

But that's the good thing about Sarawak. We don't commercialise our beauty.Tourism has destroyed many beautiful places in Sabah and I hope Sarawak remains as low-profile as possible....
I've been to Pandan Beach. Very secluded area (we have to drive a very narrow unsealed road to reach there). Clean sand and kinda bluey water. Like u said, it remains unspoilt. The towkay who set up chalet there seems to really take a good care of the beach. :)
RyNn said…
is there any entry fee?

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