Eating in Kuching - Old Town White Coffee at KIA

Old Town White Coffee, Ipoh Town White Coffee, Old Time Kopitiam, Uncle Lim, etc. - in the past few years these fast service restaurants have been cropping up all over Malaysia, riding on the mass nostalgia for comfort food especially from Ipoh - that small town in Perak which is famous for it's kuih tiaw soup and chicken rice. The concept is great for time-challenged urbanites - you get almost instant gratification with a bit of mental trip down memory lane. Problem is the decor and colour scheme of many of these outlets are very similar, and sometimes it is very difficult to tell one from the other.There have been a few occasions when I have stumbled into one only to find out that it is actually another chain, and the quality of the offerings do vary quite a lot.

Old Town White Coffee is the biggest chain of kopitiam restaurants in Malaysia. They have finally come to Kuching in a big way - opening a few outlets in close succession. The latest is at the Kuching International Airport. With F&B outlets such as Starbucks, Coffee Bean, KFC, McDonalds and now Ipoh Town, waiting for your plane need not be so boring anymore. This is what I had on a recent trip while waiting for my flight.

Their nasi lemak looked quite good, and it was - served with sambal, ikan bilis, fried chicken, eggs and cucumber.

Their white coffee also didn't disappoint - thick and rich with the authentic Ipoh Coffee taste.

With an extensive menu covering not just the Ipoh staples, there are many items waiting to be tried out. I will definitely make a visit again on my next trip.


Very nice. I bet it's a bit more expensive than normal outlets. Where are the other Old Town stores in Kuching?
Borneoboy said…
Hi Nate & Annie - they are opening one at The Hills Shopping Centre in town. It's not open yet but soon. I think there's also one planned at Tabuan Jaya.
Anonymous said…
Is it halal? I hope the food is okey for Muslims.

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