Phuket - Vijitt Resort

Being a popular International tourist destination, Phuket has its share of great resorts. Some of them are truly breath-taking. Like this all villa resort on the south-eastern side of the island called The Vijitt.

In keeping with most high end resorts nowadays, the entrance is decidedly understated. The main reception is in a separate pavillion facing a circular garden. On one side is the spa entrance, and next to it is the entry point to the villas.

The villa design is based on quite a common concept of vernacular pitched roof design with lots of sliding glass partitions. The roofs are finished with wooden slates, and some of the villas have it's own private pool. The resort is on a hilly site which slopes toward the sea. This provides an interesting undulation in the landscape, giving it a nice village-like atmosphere.

The view looking down towards the restaurant which is in an old Colonial residence.

The multi-tiered swimming pool.

Wish I could stay here, but the rates are from USD 170 to USD 1,600 a night. A bit beyond my budget.

(Note: I have made some edits in the Post after receiving some feedback from the Resort. They even offered to give me special rates for my next stay ! How nice.)


very nice indeed til I read about the price tag haha!
khairul onggon said…
wow.. best nyaa... sumday aku mok juak jln2 gi thailand ehehehehe...
Borneoboy said…
Hi 3HT. It is a really nice place. I guess one always has to pay more for quality.

Khairul - u should go. Thailand is a great destination.
Yeah I realised that haha.
Btw I mentioned your blog on my Phat kraphao post :)
Borneoboy said…
Thanks for the mention 3HT.
I have just told meising not to blow my cover lol. yeah we should! I'm planning a trip to Kuching during chinese New year hopefully it works out!
Goy said…
Greetings from The Vijitt Resort Phuket.
Thank you for the nice photos and reivew on your blog but there are couple details which not accurate. Can you please give me your email address so I can send you the information?

Best regards,
The Management
The Vijitt Resort Phuket

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