Phuket - HomePro and Plaza Dracaena

While Phuket Town seem to be caught in a time warp - albeit in a nice way, as you drive out of town you begin to see some new developments. The good thing is Phuket is still not over-built, unlike many other tourist destinations which are ravaged by unchecked developments. There is a certain relaxed low-key vibe about the island which is really attractive.

As I was driving from Phuket Town to my next destination, I came across this interesting shopping centre called HomePro Village. It looks brand new - probably open for only a few months. There wasn't much of a crowd when I was there, mostly expats and yuppies. The shopping centre is actually anchored by HomePro - a huge home improvement shop. You can get everything inside - TVs, furniture, lighting, tiles, linens, curtains, etc. It is really nice, and I could have spent a whole day there. Unfortunately I was in a bit of a hurry. At the front of HomePro are some food outlets, art galleries, and a premium supermarket on one side.

The road out of Phuket Town.

HomePro Village.

Opposite HomePro Village is another brand new development called Plaza Dracaena. It is so new that most of the shop lots are still unoccupied. The design is very modern and minimalist - something which I really like. In the middle is a landscaped courtyard and parking space. There is a shop at the front which sells designer outdoor furniture - KenKoon. The furniture designs are really cool !

The KenKoon shop.


Nate-n-Annie said…
The plaza looks very modern. Is there any element of Thai architecture within?
Borneoboy said…
No. The Plaza is completely modern. The only sign of Thai influence is the small shrine at the front of the complex.
Thanks for your post! I've been to the restaurant in front of HomePro Village. The food was great. Let's check it out!

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