Phuket Town - Colonial Architecture

There are some really nice Colonial buildings in Phuket, some of which are very well preserved. Take this Phuket Thai Hua School Museum. It was a private Chinese school built in the 1930s, in a European-Sino-Thai style. A very handsome building, the details are really intriguing with it's blend of Western and Eastern elements. I was especially captivated by the detail on the pediments which uses a bat motif. Today the school has been converted into a museum for the Chinese immigrants in Phuket.

As is typical of old Colonial mansions, there is a courtyard in the centre which allows natural light and ventilation into the building.

This other handsome Colonial building now houses the Phuket office of Thai Airways. Both the exterior and interiors have been beautifully restored.

Another old mansion which is currently being restored. I think it will be converted into a restaurant and entertainment complex.

This building is another nice example of functional Colonial architecture. The play of shades of green on the facade is really delightful.

This clock tower is a famous landmark in Phuket. You will not miss it as you enter Phuket Town.

The care with which many of the old buildings have been restored bodes well for the heritage of Phuket Town. I hope to go back and see Phuket Town again in it's full glory after all the major restoration works have been done.


There indeed some handsome old buildings there! legacy of the wealth from tin mining?
Borneoboy said…
Hi3HT.Yes,there was a lot of money made in the tin mining days.It was good they put some of it in their buildings.
It reminds my of Ipoh with all those wonderful old buildings from it's glorious days.
i've been to Phuket before but i cant really remember much. With all the politics going on, not sure if i ever want to step foot in Phuket again
Borneoboy said…
Hi Ahmoi. Actually when you are in Phuket, you don't really feel the politics of Thailand. It is quite serene. And it is beautiful !
Kong-Kay said…
Is there a selective heritage law in the state? Why the bldg. next to OUB stuck in second gear for some heritage violation, while the whole row opp. the GPO gets torn down without a whimper?
Borneoboy said…
Hi Kong-Kay. There are laws, but nobody knows how to enforce them. Actually none of the authorities are interested in taking up the responsibility. As a result we end up with this haphazard, piecemeal system that we have now.

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