Phuket - Street Food

Phuket street food is not as varied as in Bangkok. I only came across some road side stalls near Ranong Road. Unlike in Bangkok where grilling seems to be the preferred method of preparation, here in Phuket they prefer deep frying. Almost everything is deep fried and covered in a thick batter. Under the hot sun, it was a bit too much for me to try them out.

I did try some of these grilled bananas slathered in a thick caramel sauce. Very sweet and quite delicious, though sinfully full of calories.

I also couldn't resist trying these sausages. As this was a Muslim stall, the sausage was made of beef. It had a nice smoky taste, but a bit too salty. It would have been better grilled rather then deep fried.

A typical coffee shop. Not unlike those in Kuching. This one sells noodles with seafood. There is a large Chinese Hokkien population in Phuket, so Hokkien noodle is common here.

This shop sells conveniently packed lunch take outs. They all look quite delicious.

Just like in other parts of Thailand, food is plentiful in Phuket. If you have a few bucks in your pocket, you wouldn't starve here.


Yoli said…
Your images are so rich. Just beautiful and exciting.
Borneoboy said…
Hi Yoli. Thanks for your visit.
ohh i've been waiting for your food adventure!!!!
Borneoboy said…
My next post will be on the famous China Inn Cafe at Thalang Road. Stay tuned !
foodlovee said…
great photos love Thai
Great pics, i just love sea food and sausages.
Thanks for sharing time.

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