Phuket - Patong Beach

Patong Beach is in a bay tucked between hills on both sides. This 2 km stretch of sandy beach is on the Western side of Phuket Island, and faces the Andaman Sea. It is the most popular and developed beach in Phuket.

In 2004, Phuket Island was struck by a tsunami caused by an Indian Ocean earthquake. The tsunami wreaked havoc on many parts of the island, including Patong Beach which was one of the most badly hit. Many people were killed. Walking down the beach front now, there is completely no sign of the destructions cased by the tsunami. Patong Beach has completely rebuilt itself, which is a testament to the resilience of the Thai people and the community here.

Patong Beach Road by day. Kind of like Kuta in Bali, don't you think ?

For nicer views of the beach, take a short drive to the Northern end. Here the sea comes right up to the shore, which is protected by a stone wall. Go further up the hills to get even better views. From here you can feel the wrath of the sea which can cause such great destructions.


Cecil Lee said…
Wow! What a wave! I missed the northern shore of Phuket when I travelled there recently. We went down to the southern shore instead. :)
Definitely, Patong is one of the most prominent beach resorts on Phuket with its broad selection of activities and nightlife. Patong is an ideal place for parties and plays which include exactly hundreds of restaurants, bars, discos.
I’d definitely recommend travelers to take a tour towards this place.

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