Phuket - Phrom Thep Cape

After leaving the Evason Resort, I made my way to Phrom Thep Cape - reputedly the most scenic spot in Phuket to watch the sunset. The Cape is at the southern-most tip of Phuket island, and takes around 20 minutes drive time from Phuket Town.

When I arrived there were not too many people around, this being the low season. I like visiting during low season to avoid the large crowds which can sometimes spoil a travel experience.

The Cape is definitely scenic, but I am not sure about the "most scenic" moniker. I think there are other spots in Phuket with nicer views. There is a lighthouse at a plaza which is the main viewing platform. There is also a monument of Prince Jumborn, who was the 28th son of King Rama IV. He became a naval cadet in England at the age of 13, and later returned to Thailand and built the first naval base in Phuket.

The lighthouse at the main viewing platform.

The Monument of Prince Jumborn.

At the plaza there is also this interesting elephant shrine. Many devotees had left offerings of elephant statues at the shrine.

There are some small shops selling souvenirs near the car park. Prices are quite reasonable.


I remember so vividly cycling down the stretch of beach , thanks for bringing back good memories :)
Borneoboy said…
Ya, Phuket is very easy to get around. Definitely a good place to cycle.

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