Phuket - Patong Town

Patong Beach is the most popular destination on Phuket Island, so naturally Patong Town is where you find most of the accommodation and tourist attractions. The town itself is quite small - just 2 main streets running parallel to the beach and lots of smaller lanes in between. The Patong Beach Road is sort of like Kuta in Bali - with lots of small hotels and resorts, pubs, restaurants, shops, tattoo parlours, etc. Most things are quite cheap in Patong, but they are not necessarily the best quality.

During the day Patong Town is kind of quiet. You start to wonder where's everybody ? It only comes alive a night - when tourists come out looking for food and fun. The crowds generally come out around 7.00 p.m., and most places are open till midnight.

Patong Town during the day. Where's everyone ?

Patong Beach Road at night. There are lots of pubs and restaurants along this long stretch of road next to the beach, but be warned that they are mostly tourist traps and prices are quite steep ! I found the seafood pricing generally much higher compared to back home in Malaysia. However the quality of the food is generally very good.

Lots of small shops and street stalls for shopping. Mainly T-shirts, souvenirs and faked goods.

I don't find Patong Town particularly interesting. It is basically a base for exploring the rest of Phuket Island, and some of the smaller islands around.


Everyone still in bed after a big night out ;) . I remember those bbq seafood place so vividly !
Borneoboy said…
Ya you are right. Everyone must be still in bed ! I must be the only one who got up at 7.00 a.m. to walk around the town.

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