Got Issues

I can't help interrupting my Phuket posts for this little aside. Have you heard the song "Issues" by British girl band The Saturdays ? Lately I've been hearing it on the radio everyday on the way to work. It's one of those songs which sound catchy at first, but gets annoying really fast. When it gets to the chorus, I always can't help making up my own lyrics for it. The original lyrics are :

Me and my heart we got Issues

Don’t know if I should hate your or miss you

Damn I wish that I could resist you

Cant decide if I should slap you or kiss you

Me and my heart we got issues (Issues, Issues)

We got issues (Issues, Issues)

Here's my version:

Here in my car I got tissues

If you sneeze I’m not gonna kiss you

Get yourself one of those tissues

And wipe that silly grin off or I’ll hit you

Here in my car I’ve got tissues (tissues, tissues)

We got tissues (tissues, tissues)

What do you think ? What's your version ?


Pegs said…
it's so in time with H1N1 ;P

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