Phuket - Evasan Resort and Spa

I have read so much about the Evason Phuket Resort and Spa that it was right on the top of my must-go list. It houses the famous SixSenses Spa, is in a 60-over acres tropical garden setting, and even has its own island !

Like many high end resorts, the location is deliberately obscure. It took me a few rounds to find the right turning. The road leading to the resort is quite tiny.

I must say I was a little bit disappointed when I first arrived at the Evason. The design looks a bit dated now. The reception which is housed in individual pavilions inside a large reflecting pond is a novel concept, but the structures and wooden finishes looks a bit run-down. The place could use a bit of sprucing up.

You go through this tunnel to reach the reception area.

These pavilions are where guests are received.

There are many types of rooms including standard hotel accommodation and individual chalets. The signature design seem to be based on a rustic Mediterranean villa concept. The ceiling of the rooms are actually finished in untreated timber strips.

The club house.

Although the Evason wasn't what I had expected it to be, it is still a few notches above many of the resorts in Malaysia. A visit is recommended, especially if you are prepared to pay for a spa treatment. I am still waiting for my winning lottery ticket !


Very nice and beautiful resort in Phuket. Thank you for sharing this good information.

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