Eating in Phuket - Floyd's Brasserie at Burasari

After visiting Phrom Thep Cape I made my way to Patong Beach where I had booked my accommodation. There are several ways to get to Patong Beach from Phuket Town. There is a shorter way which cuts across the island, or you can take the longer drive around the island. I decided to take the longer route as I wanted to enjoy the views.

The drive to Patong Beach is nice and scenic, though the road can get a bit small at some places. Good thing there wasn't much traffic. You pass through several small towns, and get glimpses of beaches along the way. It takes around half an hour to get to Patong Beach from Phrom Thep Cape. By the time I arrived it was late evening. Time for dinner !

I decided to go to Floyd's at Burasari, Celebrity Chef Keith Floyd's first outpost in Thailand. Keith Floyd is one of my favourite TV chefs, his colourful character and tongue-in-cheek approach always make very entertaining viewing. As he had passed away in September, about a week after my visit, this meal was like my personal last tribute to him.

Floyd's Brasserie is located in the Burasari Resort.

The man himself beckons at the entrance.

Inside the restaurant.

Keith Floyd always claimed he could cook Thai food better then the Thais, so I decided to try the Thai dishes. Having had quite a heavy lunch earlier, I just ordered 2 dishes - Thai Fish Cakes for appetizer and Whole Grilled Sea Bass with Thai Chili Sauce for main course.

The meal started with some bread, olive oil and sun-dried tomato spread. The spread was really good - packed full of flavours.

The Fish Cakes were really nice - crunchy, savoury, spicy. You can taste chunks of prawns and squid inside the fish cakes, beside the fish paste.

The Grilled See Bass was quite big for one person. The crispy golden brown fish was topped with a generous serving of Thai chili sauce and garnish The fish was a bit overcooked, with the meat slightly dried out. The sauce however, was very good - a nice balance of sweet, spicy and sour.

The restaurant itself is quite nice and cosy. I could imagine if Floyd was around, he would be floating around from table to table, a wine glass in one hand and cigar in the other. The food is not spectacular, but flavourful. I would go back to try some of their other dishes.


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