Kota Kinabalu Seafood

Kota Kinabalu is famous for it's seafood and deservedly so. The variety of seafood here is truly amazing, and they are all live. No self-respecting seafood restaurant here sells dead seafood.

The seafood are normally kept in rows of glass tanks. Customers can choose what they like from the tanks - and whatever is chosen is caught, cooked and brought to the table in a matter of minutes. You can't get fresher then that.

While seafood used to be cheap here, now it is a luxury due to the booming tourist trade. Lobsters are around RM 200.00 per kg, about the same as in Australia. King Tiger Prawns are around RM 150.00 per kg, which is more then 3 times the price in Kuching. Some of the more exotic fish will set you back a few hundred Ringgit per kg. Do check the price before you order !

Fortunately there are still some items which are more reasonably priced. The clams are generally quite cheap, and sometimes you can get great bargains on the crabs. During my last visit they were going for RM 20.00 per kg, super cheap !

The seafood tanks you will find at most restaurants.

Lobsters are super expensive so unless you are splurging, stay away !

Mantis prawns look interesting and are quite expensive. There is not much meat and what is there doesn't taste that great either. Order one or two just to try them out.

There are many types of clams and shellfish.

Some kind of sea bug.

These are called Stone Fish. Obviuosly because they really look like stones. I wonder what they taste like ?


Cecil Lee said…
Finally I got the chance to at least visit KK through your posts! :) It's ashamed that I haven't been to KK though quite many of my friends are from KK and Miri and tried KK seafoods many times when they brought me.... Post some of the brilliant beaches of KK for me to see ya!
Currently I'm celebrating my 100th post of my travel blog, come to join the fun with me!
Tan.wiratchada said…
Great imformative post. We are going to visit and try this coming weekend. It's super cheap really? ;)

Greeting from Grand Millennium, Bukit Bintang.;)

Borneoboy said…
Hi Tan. The crabs are really cheap the last time I was in KK, March this year. They are good too. Prawns and lobsters are very expensive though.

Cecil, KK is a great place for a visit. Beautiful sea and wildlife. Try the seafood too.

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