Eating in Kota Kinabalu - Lunch at Raintree Cafe

We bumped into this charming cafe while wondering around KK Town. It is at Warisan Square - one of the latest developments in KK. The full name of the outlet is actually Raintree Furnishing and Cafe, as it is also a shop selling furniture and home furnishing. 

I always have a soft spot for places with lots of interesting knick-knacks, and Raintree is filled to the brim with very nice artifacts. The menu here is a mix of Asian and Western fare. They also operate as a bar at night.

The cosy decoration and the relaxed ambience make this a great place for a short break. On my last visit I ordered the Nonya Spicy Chicken which came withh plain rice and a side dish of pickles. It was very good - the spicy paste made from fresh ingredients and the chef obviously took great care in preparing the dish. The pickles made a nice accompaniment to the spicy sauce.

Oh, the coffee here is pretty good too !


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