Eating In Kota Kinabalu - Breakfast at Bonjour Cafe Novotel

The Bonjour Cafe at Novotel is really nice, in fact one of the most beautiful dining rooms I have seen in KK. The breakfast is served here, and it is up to the usual 5 star hotel standard - which is a bonus considering this is essentially a 4 star hotel. In fact I would say it is even better then some of the established premium hotels in Kuala Lumpur. 

The design of the cafe is very modern and chic. Wooden fins which rise from the benched seating to the ceiling gives it a really classy touch, and the lighting perfectly accent the design elements.

There is a wide selection of fresh and cooked items, cereals, breads and fruits. In fact you could spend a whole morning here.

I would stay at Novotel KK again just for the breakfast.


Sci9 said…
If you liked the breakfast at Bonjour Cafe, you might want to try out The Square's Buffet dinner at Novotel Kota Kinabalu Hotel. Next month they'll be featuring Nyonya cuisine!

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