Kota Kinabalu Filipino Market

A short walk down Jalan Tuan Faud Stephens from the Central Market will take you to the Filipino Market, now called the Handicraft Market. It is a collection of single-storey buildings along the waterfront. One of the buildings specializes in fresh fruits, another one in dried seafood items. The most popular one here is probably the handicraft market, where you can shop for souvenirs, local hand-made products, t-shirts, jewelry, etc. The stalls are packed very tight and it is like a maze which you have to squeeze through. It is an interesting experience even if you are not into shopping.

The fruit market.

The dried seafood market. The light brown bundles hanging on the stalls are actually dried fish bladder, an expensive delicacy which is usually cooked in a soup or stew. When properly prepared, these are one of the best Asian culinary delights. They usually need to be deepfried, then soaked in water to soften them before cooking. After rehydration, the texture is a bit like a dense sponge, with a mild fishy taste. 

The popular handicraft market.

Necklaces made from seashells are very popular.

You can also get some large seashells to decorate your house.

Another section of the market where you can buy local snacks and fruits.

When you get thirsty after a walk in the hot sun, you can stop by one of these stalls selling iced coconut juice. Really refreshing, and one is usually not enough !


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