Kota Kinabalu Open Air Hawker Street

Along Jalan Tujuh Belas (Road No. 17) next to KK Plaza there is an overhead pedestrian bridge which connects the town centre and the KK Central Market. In the evenings, hawker stalls are set up along the street, taking advantage of the shelter provided by the overhead bridge. There are many stalls here serving a large variety of hawker food, from homecooked "nasi campur" - mixed rice, to noodles, sandwiches, cakes and even durian - the popular "King of Fruits". KK Lites are truly fortunate to have such easy access to cheap and great food in a convenient location.

Great for a snack - deepfried dough fritters, sandwiches and curry puffs. 

A variety of local "kuehs".

Stuffed tofu and bean curd snacks.

There are a number of durian stalls at the end of the street near the Central Market. The durians are typically sold off the trucks, and can be eaten at the tables conveniently provided nearby.

A friendly durian man.

The durian is like a thorny scupture which is quite difficult to open unless you know the trick.

The durian fruits after they have been taken out from the hard and thorny shell. The texture is creamy and buttery, and the taste like good strong cheese with a strong sweetness - and sometimes bitterness which is preferred by some.


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