Kota Kinabalu Open Air Market

Behind the KK Handicraft Market is a big open yard next to the waterfront. The first time I visited I was wondering what this area was for. Then one evening as I walked past the market I noticed a hive of activities there. It was an open air market which operated in the evenings, with hundreds of makeshift stalls selling all kinds of fresh produce and seafood. Visiting it was a truly fascinating experience, especially the seafood stalls. There were many types of fish and sea creatures which I have never seen before, and they were all going to land on somebody's dinner table.

Even chefs shop at this market.

Each stall is filled to the brim with bounties of the sea.

Coming just off the fishing boats, the catch here are as fresh as you'll ever get.

Some creatures I have never seen before.

There are also many vegetable and fruit stalls here.


Tan.wiratchada said…
Very informative post. We should visit this weekend. Thanks for sharing.;)

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