Eating in Kota Kinabalu - Dinner at Wa Heng Seafood

Having had quite a nice experience on the first night, we decided to go back to SEDCO Square on the second night as well. This time we decided to try another seafood restaurant at the other end of the complex - Wa Heng. The set up is very similar to Twinsky, with lots of glass tanks holding the live seafood at the front of the shop. 

As the crabs were also on special, we decided to order it in 2 styles - steamed and stirfried. Again the crabs were good - fresh and meaty. 

The prawns with egg floss were not as good. A bit small, and very oily. 

The kangkong (water spinach) stirfried with belacan were quite standard and nothing to shout about. 

We also ordered a couple of other items but they were not worth blogging about. The crabs were the highlight of the dinner, and also the best value.

The cooking styles at both Wa Heng and Twinsky are quite similar, and you could say the same for other seafood places in Malaysia. It's like the chefs all went to the same seafood cooking school and graduated with the same marks. The difference is really in the freshness and quality of the seafood, and occasionally you can be surprised with the exceptional quality of the cooking. In KK, I must say the quality of the cooking is quite standard - acceptable but not exceptional. It's a pity given the quality and variety of the seafood.


My Dream Home said…
not good reading this while on detox diet!
Borneoboy said…
Hi. You can always indulge after your detox !

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