Kota Kinabalu Old Town

In the heart of Kota Kinabalu town centre is a small Chinatown which is probably the oldest part of the city. There are several rows of double-storey shophouses, continuing to newer 5 storey shohouses at another end. Many of the shops still look the same after all these years, plying the same trade. However here and there you can see signs of change, with many shops converted into B&B and lodging houses. One of the most prominent is the Summer Lodge which is next to a pedestrian mall with lots of food outlets and nightspots.

The location is very good as you are right in the centre of town with everything nearby. There is also the old world atmosphere which is quite charming. This is where you can still find some of the true flavours of KK.

Some of the shops look like they haven't changed a bit since their early days.

The prominent Summer Lodge.


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