Eating in Kota Kinabalu - A Noodle Buffet

On the last day in KK, we were looking around for a place to have lunch and ended up in Tanjung Aru Resort. Tanjung Aru was the first 5 star resort to be built in KK. After so many years, it is still one of the premier resorts in town. I guess quality will never go out of date.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that the place had been given a facelift since our last visit many years back. The coffee house has been transformed and is now called Tatu Cafe. Design-wise it follows the current modern cleanline approach with an open kitchen concept. Buffet is obviously the main thing here, with the buffet counters taking centre stage. 

They were having a special "Noodle Buffet" which was interesting. Basically you get to pick and choose your own ingredients, pass it to the chef and he will cook it up in the way that you like. Of course we opted for that, even though the kitchen was going to close very soon. We had to work fast !

We ordered up some fried noodles first. 

Followed with fried kueh tiaw (flat rice noodles) with duck and celery. Yummy !

Fried beehoon (vermicelli) with seafood.

Beehoon soup with prawn dumplings.

Dessert selection was a bit limited, but after all the noodles we were already stuffed so can't complain.

Definitely an interesting experience should you want to try something different in KK.


Aw,. making me more hungry :( i love noddles but never try thus dish...
Pierre said…
Does indeed seem intersting - thanks for sharing some nice photographs and an interesting Blog! Perhaps you may care to also contribute to the travel community at trivago and share your travel experiences?
Anonymous said…
hey,i'll be traveling to KK next week,and i enjoyed reading your useful the way,how much is this buffet?

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