Sydney Buildings

Being the oldest city in Australia, there are quite a large number of nice historical buildings in Sydney. The strong conservation movement in Australia has ensured that many of these have been preserved and converted for new uses. 

This building is the Sydney Conservatory of Music - a part of the University of Sydney. It is located in the Sydney Botanical Gardens.

The Mitchell Library - part of the State Library of New South Wales. This building is also near the Botanical Gardens.

The Customs House Library - part of the Sydney library network. On the gound floor is a model of the Sydney CBD, which gives you a bird's eye view of the city. At the roof top is the popular Cafe Sydney where you get a beautiful view of the harbour.

The Museum of Contemporary Art - overlooking Sydney Cove. At the back is The Rocks area.

Besides the historical buildings, Sydney also have some interesting examples of modern architecture.


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