Kuala Lumpur - Suria KLCC Shopping Centre

Suria KLCC is one of the first megashopping centres in KL. When it first opened, it was the talk of the town. Everyone wanted to go there, so on weekends it was packed to the brims !

Today, it's just one of the boys as so many other shopping centres have cropped up in the Klang Valley. It still has it's attractions, with food outlets and food courts on every level facing the beautiful KLCC Park, and the hugh tenant mix which is still one of the best in KL.

There are several venues here which are my favourites: Kinokuniya - without a doubt the best mega-bookstore in KL, the Petronas Gallery where you get to view artworks for free, and the Petrosains Museum. 

The shopping centre is nestled under the iconic KLCC Petronas Twin Towers, and the 5-star Mandarin Oriental is just next door. The KL Convention Centre which opened about 2 years back is also just around the corner. Overall Suria KLCC is a fantastic one-stop shopping and entertaining hub in a great location.

KLCC Petronas Twin Towers.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel next door.

The Suria KLCC as seen from the KLCC Park.

The KLCC Park - a 50 acre urban sanctuary.

The dramatic central atrium. 

Full skylights along the shopping aisles provide natural daylight into the tall and dramatic spaces.


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