Eating in Singapore - Mezza9 at Grand Hyatt

Mezza9 is one of the first concept restaurants featuring an open kitchen concept with different cooking stations. It started a trend which has been now copied all over. Designed by cult Japanese interior design studio Super Potato, it is very sleek and modern, yet warm and cosy due to the use of natural materials like wood and stone. 

It is located at the mezzanine level of Grand Hyatt Hotel, hence the play on the name. Unfortunately they are not photo-friendly so I can only sneak a couple of photos. I went there for the Saturday afternoon tea, so naturally the emphasis was on the sweet rather then the savoury. There wasn't much choice at the savoury section, though there were fresh oysters and seafood. The sushi section could have been more generous, there was only one choice of maki roll. The salad section was a bit better, with about 4 choices of salad.

Of course one goes to a high tea for the desserts, and I was not disappointed. The dessert selection was not big, but all the items were very nice. 
The seafood selection.
This was a nice prawn bisque.
The salads. I liked the Thai duck salad and the pomelo salad with chicken and cashew nut. Clean, fresh tastes.
Now come the desserts. The petit fours are all really great. Especially the chocolate tarts - bitter sweet with the intense taste of good chocolate, and the macarons - just heavenly ! The crunchy domes give way to the soft centre with a delicious filling of passionfruit cream - I think. I had 5 of these, eventhough I was really stuffed by then !
For a foodie, Mezza9 is one of those must-try places just for the experience. 


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