Kuala Lumpur - Food Republic Food Court

There is no lack of food courts in Kuala Lumpur, and some of them are really good - providing great quality hawker style food in a nice ambience. The Food Republic Food Court at the basement of Pavilion Shopping Centre is one of the latest in town. Originating from Singapore, Food Republic has made a name for itself on the Island Republic. The one at VivoCity is huge and has an interesting design making use of hundreds of recycled old doors and old shopfronts.

The Food Republic at the Pavilion is not as high concept as the one in VivoCity, but the design is nice and modern with emphasis on clean lines and contemporary materials. Surprisingly, one of the most popular stalls is the one selling toasted bread with kaya. This simple breakfast staple has become quite the rage throughout Malaysia, with coffee chains sprouting up serving nothing else except coffee, toast and nasi lemak.

The food court itself is spacious and bright, with nice furniture and lots of different dining sections.

The choice of stalls range from Malaysian nasi padang to Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and many more. 

On the whole, Food Republic is a nice and modern food court with lots of food choices. The prices are also very reasonable considering the upscale setting.


Sharon said…
Wow, it sure is upscale setting. Looks magnificent!
Borneoboy said…
Yes. It's one of the nicest in KL. Some of the stalls are good too - the Vietnamese Pho Bo is great, so is the Penang Prawn Noodle.
Damansarian said…
Your pictures say it all. The cultural integration in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia has made all this possible. This place has a very good setting quite clean and the first time I went there I was wandering around waiting for a friend and found myself there. Am glad you took the photos, I feel like am re living the moment. I should also get some for my food blog too

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia - The Only Food Haven City in the Asia Pacific
Borneoboy said…
Hi Damasarian. I'm glad my pictures bring back good memories for you. This is the best foodcourt in KL at the moment, I think.

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