Singapore - Crowne Plaza at Terminal 3

Crowne Plaza at Terminal 3 is one of the latest designer hotels to open in Singapore. Designed by white-hot Singapore architecture firm WOHA, it features an iconic white twisted metal screen on the facade. Externally it is basically a rectangular box dressed-up by the metal screen. When seen close-up, the screen takes on the shape of little flowers. 

The interior is done in the currently popular spa-chic style, with very dark lighting and small repetitive decorative elements scaled up to cover whole walls and features. While most of the ideas can be seen in trendy design magazines, overall the execution was quite well done. It is definitely one of the more interesting hotels in Singapore.

The hotel as seen from skytrain from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3.

The twisted metal screen.

The entrance to the hotel from Terminal 3.

The lobby and atrium spaces.

The coffee house. Looks interesting with the repetitive retro tile design on the screen and walls behind. 


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