Eating in Singapore - Takashimaya Food Hall

The Takashimaya Food Hall at the basement of Ngee Ann City Orchard Road is a huge food court that is a bit like a crowded hawker centre. The design is a bit dated, as it hasn't been renovated much since opening in the nineties. That doesn't seem to bother the crowd. When I visited on a Friday afternoon it was packed.

It's not difficult to see the attraction, as there is an amazing choice of delicious morsels here. You can find all kinds of things from sushi, satay, Nonya kuih to Bulgogi, teriyaki and gelato. It is quite fun to walk around and sample bits of whatever strikes your fancy. 

The BBQ beef and pork at this Korean stall are really delicious. I also tried the Korean Jumbo Sausage - very crunchy and quite tasty.
The teriyaki sticks at the Japanese stall are also very good. There are many different versions,  including a pork roll with asparagus which I liked very much.
Some of the teriyaki sticks are made with the help of this interesting contraption. No doubt a Japanese invention.

These are different types of savoury Nonya yam and carrot cakes. I am not a big fan of these - too much starch and carbohydrate. I would much rather spend my calorie ration on the meat items !
Nonya fried rice with a mushroom topping.
This man is grilling "Bak Kua" - BBQ sweet meat which is a popular snack in Singapore and Malaysia. The meat has been slightly cured and dried before grilling. They are delicious !
The food hall also has lots of options for the sweet tooth.



The Takashimaya Food Hall is a must to visit food hall in Singapore, the food and the dishes available there are really mouth watering. Singapore is a place for vacation.
Hey its really nice post. I want to visit TaKashimaya Food Hall at least once. Here I think the food and the dishes will be very tasteful .
Michael said…
Hi There,

Anyone knows the name of the place that serves the Teriyaki on a stick at Takashimaya food hall? Thx.

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