Singapore - Culina at Dempsey Hill

There are 2 gourmet shops at Dempsey Hill - homegrown Culina and Australian import Jones the Grocer. Both are gourmet delis selling fine food products such as olive oil, pasta sauce, ham, cheeses and wine. Both also serve light meals. 

There is not much to set the 2 apart. Culina seems to be more focused on the products and wine, has a much bigger deli meat section. Their dining area is much smaller though. I could spend a whole day in either one !

The small but cosy dining section. 


Nate-n-Annie said…
Wow, very pretty.

Do you find that wine-drinking culture is growing in Southeast Asia?
Borneoboy said…
Hi nate-n-annie. Ya, wine culture is also catching on in Southeast Asia. Though I think there is some way to go before it becomes "appreciation" instead of "squandering". Most of the time wine becomes a replacement for liquor especially at dinner functions cause it's cheaper.

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