Singapore - Terminal 3

Airports have been slowly morphing into shopping malls over the years. With the introduction of the hub and spoke model, airline hubs have become places where passengers spend a lot of time in-between flights. The delays and longer check-in times caused by security concerns make these hubs even more of a place where one could spend hours, if not days waiting for the next flight. To help us kill time, airports have conveniently introduced more shops, restaurants, bars and even entertainment centres. These are now important revenue centres for airport management, and where they try their best to wrest those dollars from our pockets. 

At the Singapore Terminal 3, the transformation is complete. Opened in January 2008, this is truly the new model for air-travel - the airport as shopping mall. The departure hall is typical high-ceiling open plan concept, designed to get travellers through check-in as quicky as possible. Once you have checked in, the shops and food outlets are conveniently located on the mezzanine level, accessible by escalators. The layout and design are even modelled after high-end shopping malls, with wide aisles and tastesfully understated decoration. Even the departure lounge is a shopping paradise full of shops and all kinds of concessions. 

The verticle green wall is one of the main features of this airport. It is basically a set of wireframes planted with different types of creepers.

The mezzanine level with the shops and restaurants.

The departure lounge with more shops.


Chin Weng said…
Wow, never expect T3 is such beautiful. What is know T3 is for budget airline, right? Next time must take time to jalan jalan there while passing by there during business travel.
Borneoboy said…
Hi Chin Weng. T3 is not for budget airlines. It is the new base for Singapore Airline and some other full service airlines. I think the budget terminal is somewhere else, I haven't been though.
By seeing the photos itself I impressed.Thanks for sharing!

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