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Singapore is trying very hard to re-brand itself as a cool place to live. It has made a lot of effort in the past few years to introduce art, culture and entertainment into the mix of shopping and real estate. Besides these, a lot of attention is also put into the creation of green spaces – outdoor and nature being one of the things which most city people crave for. 

The efforts are paying off, as Singapore now has some of the most people-friendly green spaces in Asia, easily accessible even for the disabled. One of the latest addition is the Hort Park. It is a public park as well as a showcase for landscaping ideas. The main aim seems to be to encourage Singaporeans to green up their homes and spaces by showing the different possibilities available. There is a garden supply shop where visitors can buy plants and whatever they need for DIY landscaping. Very convenient.

Some of the landscape examples are quite mundane, but there are also some gems and eye-openers. You can learn quite a lot about green roofs and green walls in the new technology showcase. Right at the back end of the park are some experimental greenhouses where exotic plants are kept. Unfortunately these are not open to the public and you can only view the plants from outside. 

There is a Thai Restaurant at the main entrance complex called Kha, apparently developed by young Singaporean hotelier Yenn Wong who was behind the boutique hotel Jia in Hongkong. The consultant Chef is David Hamilton – a recognized authority on Thai cuisine from Australia. The restaurant wasn’t open when I visited – must go back and try it someday.

Some of the garden showcase.
A garden display that encourages recycling  disused items such as bathtubs into garden features.
This garden display showcases a green roof and vertical planted walls.
You can learn a lot about planted walls in this special showcase. Well worth the visit just for this !
The experimental greenhouses. They are not open to the public, so you can only view the plants from outside.
The Thai restaurant Kha. It was closed when I visited. Too early I guess.
The park is very popular with parents and kids on a weekend outing.

Hort Park is located at Alexandra Road. Not all taxi drivers know the place, so it is best to bring a map. 


Love the green growing walls the most. Fantastic!
Borneoboy said…
Hi Maryam. I like the green walls too. I've been waiting for a chance to try out a green wall design in my projects.
singapore said…
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