Singapore - House, Barracks, Camp at Dempsey Hill

Nowadays it is difficult to tell where a bar or restaurant ends and where a spa begins. They all seem to morph into one another. The boundaries are deliberately blurred so you can easily segue from one to the other. House, Barracks and Camp is such a place.

Located in a 3-storey army barrack, this lifestyle venue has been decked out in an unusual way which is very different from the typical entertainment joint. The whole place has an "Alice in Wonderland" vibe about it, an air of mystique and quirkiness which appeals to Gen Y and probably X. Moving through it is a bit like going through a university dorm or army mess. The colour scheme, furniture and themes are somewhat obscure and bohemian. I've run out of adjectives, but this is a place you need to experience in person. Pictures can only convey so much.

Not much to look at on the outside.

Inside is a different story. See the oversized table with the mini chairs underneath ?

There's even a White Rabbit, only it's black.

Quirky combination of colours and themes, and playing around with scale.


Anonymous said…
I feel that House, Barracks and Camp at Dempsey Hill is a place which cater to the need of a person.It is magnificent! I hope people will make use of this entertainment wonderland.

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