SIA Airbus A380

The Airbus 380 made a huge buzz when it was launched. By now however it is almost humdrum and not many people get excited about flying on it anymore. Still for me it was a first experience on the World’s largest passenger airliner, and it brought back memories of my first ever trip on the previous size champion – the Boeing 747.

Singapore Airlines has one of the largest fleets of A380s, and they fly them on most of their Australian routes. I would have loved the ultra-luxurious private suites experience, but this being the real world was squeezed into cattle class like most other passengers. Expecting a much larger cabin then the 747, I was somewhat disappointed. The cabin actually looked the same as most other long distance airliners, and is very similar to the 737 with its 3-4-3 seat arrangement. The size of the seats were about the same, and in fact it felt a touch smaller.

Because of the proportions, the plane look surprisingly small on the tarmac.

The cabin is not a lot bigger then other long distance airliners.

Singapore Airline’s inflight entertainment is excellent and I was able to catch 3 very recent movies on the flight. The food service however has suffered the same fate as other airlines due to cost cutting. This was what we had. It was a just bit better then the meals served by Malaysia Airlines on the same route.

Mediocre food is the order of the day even on Singapore Airlines.


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Clara said…
looks like a fairly decent meal from an airline.
Maybe you were expecting too much because of the news that it is the new Airbus 380.

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