Adelaide 2010 - Adelaide Central Market

The most interesting place in Adelaide - for me at least, is the Adelaide Central Market. It is a very attractive market in a beautiful 140 year old heritage building, right in the heart of the city. For a foodie it is a must visit for its endless variety of fresh produce and also gourmet products often hard to find elsewhere. The cheese section alone is well worth a visit.

There are also lots of eating options from simple hole-in-the-wall takeout shops to full fledge cafes. Actually this is not so much a market - but a gourmet food hall. Most of the products are of premium quality at premium prices. I don't think it is a regular marketing stop for the locals, but if you are looking for top notch produce this is the place.

If there is one place in Adelaide you must visit, it would be the Adelaide Central Market. The building is beautiful, the produce are great, and you can also have great meals inside.


Yep, I think I could live there. Love that cheese counter!
Julie said…
Hi I saw your blog on BC.
Great pictures of the Adelaide markets. It has been years since I had been there so I is wonderful to see the place again. Thanks for the post!

Shawn said…
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