Adelaide 2010 - Breakfast at the Adelaide Central Market

Like most major cities in Australia, Adelaide has a great breakfast culture. Lots of people have their breakfast outside, and restaurants and cafes clamour to capture this lucrative market.

At the Adelaide Central Market, one of the most popular cafes is Lucia’s Pizza and Spaghetti Bar. As the name suggests, it is an Italian pizza and spaghetti joint – but in the mornings it serves up really tasty breakfasts.

I had the toasts with bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms. Very tasty !

This is the Omelette with Ham and Spinach.

Toasts with Tomatoes and Cheese.

If you happen to be at the Adelaide Central Market in the morning, don't miss out on the great breakfasts at Lucia's. They are really great.


Amethy said…
The foods is So pleasing to the eyes and definitely pleasing to taste. Love it!

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