Kuala Lumpur 2011 - Dinner at KiKiTaiwan Cuisine

KiKi Taiwan Cuisine is a new restaurant at the top F&B floor of Suria KLCC. This is by the same people who run the Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant Group which has several outlets in the city. The menu here emphasize on Set Meals, and that is the best way to go as you get a mains with some small appetizers and a soup, served with rice or noodles.

The decor is nice and simple - basically open plans with banquette seating on one side and mostly small square tables in the rest of the area. Lighted accents provide some interest on the walls.

To start off I ordered an Oyster Omelette. It came with a tomato-based sauce on top. The sauce is slightly sweet and tangy, providing a nice balance to the oyster and eggs. Once you tucked inside there are quite a lot of plum oysters inside. Quite good.

I also ordered a "Three Cup Chicken" Set. Three Cup Chicken - "Sanbeiji" is a Taiwanese staple - it is basically chicken cooked in soy sauce, rice wine and sesame oil - the three main ingredients. The set came with three small appetizers, a bowl of rice and a soup.

The Sanbeiji portion is quite generous. The sauce has been thickened and caramelized, and tasted quite good except that it was overly sweet. They have added basil in the dish which is a nice touch.

The appetizers are deep-fried tofu in hot and sweet sauce, deep-fried prawn in bean curd skin, and stir-fried long beans. The prawn roll was particularly good.

The soup is a seaweed and chicken soup - very tasty and easily the best item in the set.

KiKi is a nice concept and - good choice for a quick meal. The menu is a bit limited if you want to order a la carte, but the set meals are great for lone diners. Pricing is reasonable for KL standards. My meal came to about RM 40.


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