Kuala Lumpur 2011 - The Troika

The area around KLCC is shaping up to be the most prime residential location in Kuala Lumpur, with countless high-end condominium projects already completed and also in progress. The Troika is one of the latest ultra-exclusive condominiums to be completed in the area.

Designed by starchitect Foster & Partners, the concept is quite original for a residential tower. Instead of the normal columns and beams construction, the main supports are actually structural walls which look like fins on the outside of the buildings. This method removes the need for columns, so the interiors are essentially column-free. Since I couldn't get inside the units, I can only try to imagine what it is like. Without internal columns, the views must be quite spectacular.

As is common in most of Sir Norman Foster's designs, the colour palette is very limited and neutral. The walls are mostly off-form concrete, the steel frames mostly black, and the glass a shiny greyish tint. Would you pay RM 4 mil for a unit in this development ?


Anonymous said…
Yes i would, the building is simply fantastic!

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