Adelaide 2010 - Dinner at Hahndorf Inn

If you are in Adelaide for a visit there is a place you shouldn’t miss – Hahndorf. Hahndorf is a little town in Adelaide that is becoming a very popular tourist destination. I didn’t even know this place existed until recently. It is the oldest German settlement in Australia, established in 1839 by Prussian and Silesian immigrants from Germany.

The town is very quaint and charming, a lot of the buildings are in German vernacular style and like most heritage buildings in Australia – very well preserved. There are lots of German pubs, craft shops and restaurants around. Unfortunately we went at night and couldn’t really see much.

The main purpose we were there was for the food, and we went to the popular Hahndorf Inn which serves hearty German dishes and sausages.

The menu - meat, beer and sausages.

Grilled chicken wings with smoked pork shoulder.

Sausages and salted pork hock with potato salad served with some excellent pretzels.

Sausage platter with potato salad and pretzels.

Some token green salad. Very refreshing in between the all the meat dishes.

The sausages here are excellent. The variety is enough to give you a hard time making up your mind, and they all taste good with great texture and crunch. Besides chicken wings, the meat served here is mostly pork, so this place is definitely for pork lovers only.


Janice said…
wow!this looks awesome!i'm always up for a chicken!thanks for the info and thanks for sharing :)

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