Shenzhen & Dongguang 2010 - Song Shan Lake High Tech Park

The success of China depends heavily on its status as the low cost factory of the World. Knowing that is is not a sustainable strategy in the long term, the Government has tried very hard to move up the value chain. To facilitate this process, they have built high tech parks everywhere. Song Shan Lake High Tech Park is another one of these projects, and judging from the developments going on in the area, they are pouring huge amounts of money and resources into it. Whether or not it will be successful is hard to say. Most of the facilities are strangely empty.

Some buildings around the Park.

The Song Shan Lake Library.

This was the Academic Communication Centre. Don't really know what it's for, it was completely empty.

Most of the buildings are quite nicely designed and built, although here and there you can still see some sloppiness creeping through. It feels like quite a nice environment to work in, and a lot of efforts have been poured into landscaping. There are also lots of high end apartments being built all over the Park.


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