Melbourne 2010 - Around Melbourne City

Melbourne is a great city to explore on foot, as the CBD and city centre is very compact and can be easily covered in a few hours. The rectangular grid layout also makes it easy to find your way around. Here are some random shots from my last trip to Melbourne. I was too lazy to carry my normal Nikon SLR, so was test-driving my new Panasonic TZ-10. It's not bad, except a tendency to blow highlights.

One of the most famous landmarks in Melbourne - the Flinders Street Station.

The Yarra River.

Typical view in a backlane. Melburnians are pretty serious about taking care of their garbage.

A familiar sight in Melbourne. Chinese is very popular with the locals.

If you are craving for something from home, chances are you can find it in Melbourne.

On a typical weekend, you can find many street performers around the city.


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