Shenzhen & Dongguang 2010 - The Hyatt Regency Dongguang

After our short stay at Goodview Hotel, our next destination was the Hyatt Regency Dongguang. It is located at the Song Shan Lake High Tech Park, an area near Dongguang City earmarked for high tech industries.

The Hyatt Regency Dongguang is an unusual hotel - it is like a highrise hotel being turned on its side - becoming a long linear bridge structure which straddles the landscape. This is an architectural archetype started by Steven Holl and has since become one of the popular architectural strategies. The long linear plan means that some of the rooms and facilities are quite far from the lobbies and public spaces, so in terms of operations and guest convenience this model may not work so well for a hotel. As an architectural form though it is quite interesting with long elevations designed to open up to the views to its lakeside location.

An aerial perspective of the hotel on display in the lobby. You can see the overall architectural form of the hotel quite clearly here.

The interiors of the hotel is from the dark and underlit luxury chic school. Most of the lobby areas are quite dark and due to the large areas of glass used in many of the elevations, the external light can be quite glaring.

The rooms are quite big and well furnished, but not as nice as Sheraton Dameisha.


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