Shenzhen & Dongguang 2010 - Villas at Mission Hills Golf Resort

Mission Hills is a gigantic golf facility in Shenzhen which was officially accredited as “World’s Biggest Golf Facility” in 2004 by Guinness Boom of Records. It is an amazing development that can only happen in China - with 12 golf courses each designed by a different renown golf personality – Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Nick Faldo and Annika Sorenstam among them. Besides the golf courses it also has resorts, spas, function facilities, other sports facilities and also golf academies.

Not being a golfer myself, I wasn’t that bowled over by the golf statistics and the celebrity endorsements. The main clubhouse – though huge, was nothing to shout about architecturally. Our main purpose there was to actually look at the villas built among the golf courses. These villas are for the super-rich – priced above RMB 10 million each. The most expensive units cost a cool RMB 100 million !

The preferred architectural style seems to be a mix of Classical and Mediterranean Style – something you would probably find in Monaco or some parts of California. Not exactly my cup of tea, still it is impressive to see what the rich can afford in China – most of the buyers are from mainland China and we were told that there is normally a competition to buy the most expensive units. The thrill of one-upmanship is a popular game anywhere in the World, if you can afford it !

Models of the villas on display at the lobby.

The actual villas. Most are empty except for the maids and helpers. The owners only visit a few times a year for holidays.


Must be nice to live and work there if the owners only come round a few times a year.
Vacations India said…
I am sure it must be a great place for spending some really fantastic holidays. I will definitely plan a trip of this amazing destination. Thanks for sharing this info.

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