Shenzhen & Dongguang 2010 - Productivity Building at Song Shan Lake

Though many of the big buildings in China are World class or at least appear to be, once in a while you do bump into one which reminds you of the good old days. Like this building we came across in the Song Shan Lake High Tech Park.

From a distance, it looked quite interesting, kind of like a cheaper copy of the Vanke Headquarters in Dameisha. It was based on essentially the same idea of a linear office building raised on a bridge structure straddling the landscape. On closer inspection though, things began to fall apart. The construction quality just wasn't up to scratch, the details were really clunky, and the structures were massive for a building that wanted to float.

The planted roof is a great idea, but unfortunately marred by poor execution.

From the appearance and the name, this building appeared to be designed as a high tech incubator. Although the shortcomings of this building somewhat defeats the purpose, it is I guess part of the growing pains. China is catching up faster then we may think.


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