Shenzhen & Dongguang 2010 - Lunch at Hyatt Regency Dongguang Cafe

There are several F&B outlets at the Hyatt Regency Dongguang - the Cafe, Song Shan Teahouse and Qin Yuan Chinese Restaurant offering countless number of private rooms. After having a walk around the hotel complex, I was feeling a bit famished and decided to have a quick lunch. The Cafe offers a very extensive menu which covers cuisine from all over the World. I opted for the Yang Zhou Fried Rice which is a famous dish from this region. Every Cantonese restaurant has its own version of this dish, and I was eager to see what the hotel could come up with.

Nice decor of the Cafe.

The serving came with a soup and small plate of crisp vegetable slices. The fried rice was really good - fluffy and light and very nicely seasoned. For this dish it is important that the flavours are clean and light, and they get it exactly right. You can also see that the grains of rice are all separate and coated with the egg, not clinging together which would mean it is too mushy.

The Mushroom and Pork Rib Soup was also good. I really enjoyed the rich and complex flavours of the mushroom, which is very different from the typical Shitake mushroom used in most Chinese restaurants.


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