Melbourne 2010 - Pho Part II

Another good Pho shop in Melbourne is just a few doors down from Chu The in Richmond – Yung Kee. The interior looks very similar to Chu The, maybe a little bit fresher as they seemed to have renovated recently. Otherwise you could easily mistake one for the other. I've also heard stories that the owners of Yung Kee are related to Chu The - perhaps an ex-spouse or two ?

The broth here is a bit lighter then Chu The’s, but otherwise very similar. For some people this may be their preference.

There is a large Vietnamese community in Melbourne, and Richmond is one of the earliest places where they settled down in Melbourne. Here you will still find lots of Vietnamese groceries shops and eateries. The groceries here are also great for seeking out hard to find Chinese ingredients, so this was a regular marketing stops during my student days in Melbourne.


Richmond sounds like a great neighborhood to explore!
Keila said…
this looks great and must be so yummy!
Borneoboy said…
Hi Nate and Annie. Yes, Richmond is really great for Asian ingredients, and great Pho !

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