Shenzhen & Dongguang 2010 - Dinner at Haoweiguan Theme Restaurant Dongguang

Haoweiguan is one of the new generation of "Theme Restaurants" which have popped up all over China - some good and some very bad. They are essentially chain restaurants specializing usually in cuisine from a particular region of China. I am glad to say that Haoweiguan is one of the better restaurants we tried.

"Hao" means oyster in Chinese, so oyster is one of their specialties in this restaurant. These fresh oysters with a garlic sauce were pretty good.

If there is one thing a Cantonese chef is good at, it is making soup. A big bowl of nutritious and delicious soup is an important part of any Chinese meal. This soup was really tasty.

You can see they are not stingy with the ingredients - chunks of chicken, pork ribs, pork bones and herbs used to make the soup. You can eat these, but most of the flavour has been extracted and the meat is usually quite bland and dry.

White cooked chicken - the meat was very tender and juicy, but a bit too salty to my taste.

Oven-baked eggplants with fish paste - this was a very good dish with lots of flavour.

Needle mushrooms wrapped with pork and cooked in a broth. Another very good dish. The broth was very sweet, and the meat was tender with the needle mushrooms providing a nice crunch.

Stir-fried vegies with garlic - very well executed.

Stir-fried squid with peppers and onions. The sauce is slightly spicy and peppery - very similar to what chefs would do in Malaysia.

This is a very interesting dish - tofu sprinkled with fish roe. The silky smooth tofu paired very well with the salty fish roe, and the pop-in-the-mouth sensation is great.

This is my last post on Shenzhen and Dongguang, and I am happy to finish off on a high note. Haoweiguan was a good surprise find as we literally walked into it off the street - simply based on the number of patrons there. Though Shenzhen and Dongguang are definitely not for the traveler - you would not be disappointed with the food.


Samantha said…
This looks absolutely fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

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