Shenzhen & Dongguang 2010 - Sheraton Dameisha

The Sheraton at Dameisha is probably the poshest hotel in the area, and it looked really impressive. The curved modern design sits well on the beach location. Once you enter the lobby, the high atrium space and tasteful modern interior design provide a really good 5 star experience.

The rooms are on 2 multi-storey wings with separate lift cores. It is a strange arrangement, but maybe allows the hotel to manage the accommodation more efficiently due to the elastic nature of occupancy in a resort hotel.

The swimming pool is huge and runs almost the full length of the resort along the beach.

The hotel also has a number of villas on one side, all facing the beach. The villas all have multi-rooms and private swimming pools. We were told that many Chinese guests often book entire block of villas for their family vacation or business functions.


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