Shenzhen & Dongguang 2010 - OCT East Ecoventure Valley Theme Park

When Disney decided to build a Disneyland in Hong Kong, their specific target was the China market. With a population of 2 billion literally next door, its success should be a no-brainer. While it is by no measure a failure - the visitor numbers haven’t exactly set anyone’s hair on fire. What gives ?

Some critics have complained that the Park is too small, others say the entrance charge is too high, and some say that there are not enough attractions. I think the main problem is China is building its own Theme Park attractions, and some of these dwarf the Disneyland Hong Kong in terms of size. There is Window of the World (105 acres) and Happy Valley (86 acres) in Shenzhen. In comparison, Hong Kong Disneyland is only 55 acres.

Then there is the Dameisha Seashore Park (admission free, pay for attractions), and the gigantic OCT East Development in Dameisha (9 square kilometres) called Ecoventure Valley which defy categorization. Built over an entire mountain range and the valleys, the enormity of this theme park/ resort is truly mind-blowing. There are 4 main zones - Wind Valley, Knight Valley, Tea Stream Valley and Interlaken - a Disneyesque recreation of the Interlaken Town of Switzerland. The quality of the development is quite good and I could imagine the kids having a great time for a few days without getting bored.

A map showing the different zones of the Theme Park.

Mixture of different architectural styles to "trick" you into believing that you are actually somewhere else.

A Buddhist temple complex is one of the attractions.

Some of the whimsical buildings are quite interesting.

Knight Valley is one of the theme park zones at the foot of the mountains. There is a hotel under the waterfall that you can see in the distance.


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