Shenzhen & Dongguang 2010 - Goodview Hotel

Goodview is a huge integrated resort which consists of a golf course, 2 main resorts under the same management, a huge entertainment complex, and 2 gigantic spas. It is located between Shenzhen and Dongguang, for the convenience of the business crowd based in the 2 cities. The main resort is a 4-storey building built next to a lake. All the facilities are housed under one roof, including the spas which are in the lower levels of the main building.

I have never seen anything like this in Asia - perhaps only in Bali at the Nusa Dua area. This is the type of hotel/resort I would normally avoid. But it is interesting to see how a gigantic establishment like this is managed. Everything seems to run like clockwork - the Chinese have perfected the art of hotel management rather quickly and this is evident in most of the majors hotels you visit.

The resort is so huge, they use buggies to move the guests around the compound.

They even have 2 doormen - in this case 2 young girls whose duty was to stand and open the doors whole day round. What a crummy job ! But I guess somebody has to do it.

The view from my room.

The pool and leisure complex. You could be in Bali - except for the weather.

Another wing of the resort which has a huge pool lagoon among the buildings.


Wow, it doesn't even look like the China I knew. Even those door opener girls. They used to dress them in red cheongsams.

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